Twelve Days of Christmas in (Canadian Province)

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A Dinosaur on the Prairie - The Twelve days of Christmas in Alberta- November 2017. This edition of the Twelve Days of Christmas series include ; Big horn sheep, hot springs , oil , , ranchers, country music singers, mountains, Bison, wheat, fur traders and such are the main topics with interesting background information of each.send your address etransfer me payment at

Puffin Playing by the Sea

BEST SELLER 15,000 copies sold   "A Puffin Playing by the Sea- The Twelve Days of Christmas in  Newfoundland and Labrador" . Book release late fall 2014. It  highlights the unique qualities of this Canadian province in a fun,  heart filled and educational manner. With the help of the whimsical  puffin character and beautiful illustrations by Derek Peddle , Gina  Noordhof's first book will be certain to please young and old. It will  appeal to people from around the world who want to learn about the  province and those who are proud of their birthplace and its unique  history and nature. This is a first in a series of books that will  exhibit each provinces qualities. Sing along to the this soon to be Hit song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas in Newfoundland and Labrador". $15 per copy . Free shipping within Canada . call me at 1(877)623-2018 or (709)754-3105  to place an order or email me     Below is a sample of what is inside the 28 pages .The classic holiday  carol "The 12 Days of Christmas" takes on a Newfoundland and Labrador  twist in this cute children's book. Instead of a partridge in a pear  tree, the first day of Christmas brings a puffin by the sea; other  Newfoundland and Labrador-themed "gifts" include, Norsemen, light  houses, caribou, mummers, Newfoundland and Labrador dogs - and even  carolling codfish! Plus, the author provides interesting background  information on each of the 12 gifts.   You can also purchase them at Various shops for example; indigo  online, The Rooms, shoppers drug mart, the Historic Sites Association  shops, Crafted Treasures, Dark Tickle shop, NONIA, the Newfoundland Weavery, crafted  treasures, Consumers choice, shoppers choice and Co-op in St. Anthony,  the Rooms, geo center,  Halmark, Chapters online, etc  Over 15000 book have been sold in less than  three years here in the  province. Tourists, librarians, teachers, proud Newfoundlanders and  Labradorians all love the book and its layout. It is a Child/ Adult  internative book. The Department of Education has accepted it for the  Resource Acquisition Program here in Newfoundland. I have gotten lots of  wonderful feedback from parents who say their child love the book and  song.  



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A Puffin Playing by the Sea

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Newfoundland and Labrador

 by Sean Panting

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